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Tennessee Builders Education Foundation

A national leader for career training in the building industry.

Helping Justice involved Individuals regain NORMAL LIVES



Do you have experience in the construction industry? Do you have a passion for helping young people develop skills that will lead to meaningful careers?

Are you at or near retirement but still want to keep involved in the industry while earning up to $50,000 or more annually? If you answered YES to these questions we have a job- actually a really good job for you.

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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to connect people and the construction industry through education, mentorship and career placement.

Our Vision is one that transforms the lives and communities through hands-on technical education and careers in the construction industry.

Success Stories

 "Because of the HBI Pact, we are providing students in our programs relevant skills for high-demand positions in the field.  In short, we are very pleased with our partnership."  


Edwin M. Robinson, Ph.D.

"Thank you TBEF, and HopeWorks  for helping me find a job when I was released. You all have helped me when I needed it most"

 Nakeia Lightfoot, Hope2Hire

"The event was very successful. We were able to pass out 250 backpacks to citizens in the community. We had great news coverage on the day of the event from Channel 5, Channel 13, and Channel 24.  We would like to continue to collaborate with you and your students. Please let me know when you are available to set up a zoom meeting to share how we can support your students. Thanks again for your support with this event"

Daisy Brown

Family Support Specialist

TN Voices

On November 18th, luncheon attendees learned about a new pilot program designed to help address the construction industry's workforce shortage. Participants from Henderson County jail in Lexington are receiving "behind the bars" construction skills training, along with the help they need to become productive members of the surrounding community. The luncheon was hosted by Tennessee College of Technology with the Department of Labor.

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